Current and Past Research

Dimitri della Faille

Current research

Global Governance and the Framing of Underdevelopment
– Social Statistics and Social Indicators
– Expert Discourses in International Development
– The Indigenous “Problem” and International Non-Governmental Organizations

Sociology of Knowledge and Social Sciences
– Mexico: Social Problems, Sociology and Globalization
– Folklore Studies, Cultural Studies and Postcolonial Studies
– Public Intellectuals, Universities and Public Sphere

Political Analysis of Arts Movements
– Political History and Contemporary Socio-Economic Analysis of Noise Music in Southest Asia
– Political Sociology of Experimental Music in Mexico

Research and teaching interest

– Social and Economic development
– Critical Theories of Underdevelopment and Social inequalities
– Globalization, Geopolitics and International studies
– Foreign and International policy
– Global Political System
– Political Economy
– Social Problems, Deviance and Social control
– Classical and Contemporary Theory
– History and Epistemology
– Science and Technology
– Radical and Critical Thinking
– Gender and Sexuality
– Culture and Arts


– Discourse Analysis
– Qualitative Methodology
– Ethnography and Observation
– Computer-Aided Text Analysis (CATA)

Cultural areas of interest

– North, Central and South America
– East Asia and South-East Asia
– North Africa

Funded research as a principal researcher

2012-2015 « Politicization of technical expertise in international development » (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada – CRSH-SSHRC) $48 000
2011-2015 « Politicization of technical discours? The case of technical manual for social statistics for development » (Fonds québécois de recherche sur la société et la culture – FQRSC) $39 600
2010-2011 « Critical analysis of expert disourses about underdevelopment » (Fonds institutionnel de la recherche du Décanat de la recherche de l’UQO) $10 000
2010-2012 « Global argumentaion about the indigenous problem » (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, post-doctorat) $90 000, funding declined
2007-2009 « Discourse about development and scientific policies : a critical sociology of expertise in social statistics » (Fonds québécois de recherche sur la société et la culture, post-doctorat) $64 000
2007-2008 « An analysis of representations of social problems in Mexican sociology. Stabilities and ruptures of problems and their solutions in a corpus of sociological texts » (Foreign affairs ministry of Mexico, post-doctorat) $12 000