Current and Upcoming Challenges in South-South Cooperation in the field of Social Statistics

(with Valérie La France-Moreau)

This article proposes to reflect on how a field of technical expertise is affected and could possibly be transformed through South-South cooperation. This article and its conclusions are based on literature review and our own research. Our research on the production, the analysis and the dissemination of social development statistics (education, health and poverty alleviation) has been conducted in Western and North Africa as well as South East Asia and Central America. We interviewed public servants from government agencies, for international organisation, from non-governmental organizations as well as specialists from the academia. Our goal is to reflect on South-South cooperation as a possible tool for emancipation and criticism of the hegemony of “Northern” countries in international organization and knowledge production. By examining cooperative praxis in these areas we attempt to yield information on the strategies used to claim ownership of the assessment methods and knowledge pertaining to the ideological dimensions of development. We conclude by saying that current South-South cooperation in the field of social statistics is not fully able to challenge global statistics regime and its inherent ideological flaws.

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