Development Sociology Mini-Conference at the Eastern Sociologial Society Annual Meeting

Final version of the Development Sociology Mini-Conference at the Eastern Sociologial Society Annual Meeting (February 22, 2014 – Baltimore, Maryland)

The Cost of Development: Work, Gender, Ethnicity and Environment  
Eastern Sociological Society 2014 Annual Meeting

Development Sociology Mini-Conference

February 22nd


Development I: Environment, Food, and Social Justice

10:15AM-11:45AM / Panel 215

* “Informal Work and the Costs of Urban Development: The Impact of Growth and Governance on Traders in the Global South” – ROEVER, Sally / WIEGO

* “‘Sustenance Out of Refuse’: Detroit, Invisible Capital, and the Search for Food Justice” – SNEEGAS, Gretchen / Chatham University

* “Labor dimensions in biodiversity conservation programs: the Dominican Republic case” – ARELLANO-LOPEZ, Sonia / Binghamton University

Development II: Communities and Global Dimensions

12:00AM-1:30PM / Panel 244

* “Migrant Domestic Labor Vulnerability: The Roles of Global and Governmental Systems” – KOLKER, Abigail / CUNY Graduate Center

* “The ‘Promises’ of Tourism Development: Race and work at the Colombian tri-border   ”– CRAVEN, Caitlin / McMaster University

* “Gender mainstreaming and National Community Recovery in Afghanistan” QUIE, Marissa – Cambridge University

* “Organizing through Digital Communication: Community IT Centers for Rural Villages in India” – BOERI, Natascia / CUNY Graduate Center

Development III: Identities, Struggles, and Emancipation

1:45PM-3:15PM / Panel 274

* “Disrupted Lives, Lost History: Cultural Cost of Economic Development in China” – LI, Rebecca / The College of New Jersey

* “Bitter Sweet: Sugarcane Development and the Struggle for Social Reproduction in Coastal Tanzania” – CHUNG, Youjin / Cornell University

* “Work, Gender, Ethnicity, and Environment : a Counter-Hegemonic and Anti-Domination Reading” – DELLA FAILLE, Dimitri / Université du Québec en Outaouais

ESS 2014 Development Sociology Mini-Conference (Baltimore, MD)