Call for papers Development Sociology Mini-Conference in Baltimore

CALL FOR PAPERS Development Sociology Mini-conference

The Cost of Development: Work, Gender, Ethnicity and Environment

Eastern Sociological Society Annual Meeting 2014, “Invisible Work” February 20-23, 2014, Baltimore Hilton, Baltimore, MD

Development is a multi-faceted process of social, cultural and political-economic change. But these changes often come with a price. Dominant development paradigms generally pay little attention to changes in labor dynamics and the accompanying changes in how work is carried out. More studies on how these changes intersect with gender, ethnicity and environment are needed. There is also a need for more analysis of social responses to the cost of development on work dynamics and labor. Consequently, this mini-conference seeks to explore the social, cultural and political-economic aspects of work dynamics and labor within dominant and alternative development paradigms, addressing such themes as, but not limited to:

  • Gender, work and development;
  • Economic development and ethnicity;
  • Contested paradigms: development, environment and labor;
  • Political economy of global production systems;
  • Culture, identity and work;
  • Informal economy in the Global South;
  • Labor unions and the developing world;
  • Fair trade, social responsibility and its critics;
  • Social responses: community-based enterprises and workers cooperatives.


Please send your abstract (about 300 words) to F. Sonia Arellano-Lopez ( and Dimitri della Faille ( no later than October 10, 2013. Abstracts that are not accepted can then be submitted for the general conference.



  • F. Sonia Arellano-Lopez – Binghamton University, State University of New York
  • Dimitri della Faille – Université du Québec en Outaouais